“I am Indebted and Will Do Anything For You”

Somehow I’ve gone over a half of century in my lifetime without requiring any type of surgical procedure (that sound you hear is me knocking on wood). How many surgeries have you had: One? Two? More than five?… Read More

Please Support SB 289 – Vision Screenings for Oregon Students

Why Some Oregon Students are Failing: 25% of all children have an undiagnosed vision problem, and students who can’t read at grade level are 13 times less likely to graduate from high school. What would SB 289 Do?… Read More

We’re #48!

Lions Day at the Capitol flyer

Okay, so that doesn’t sound quite as cool as “We’re #1!” does it? The reality is that here in Oregon, when it comes to High School graduation rates, somehow we are…#48. Many factors play into why some students… Read More