86-year-old Verna drove herself from Yakima for an appointment at Legacy Hospital. She is disabled and has a vision impairment. Her metal frame glasses snapped at the bridge and she searched for help. How could she drive all the way home? Verna noticed a sign for the Oregon Lions and with persistence entered the not quite open for business lab, inquiring about help. Though we couldn’t grind her a new pair (at that time, not having all our lens inventory in stock), Katie and Kelly improvised. Kelly searched through recently donated batches of glasses destined for international mission trips to find a compatible women’s style metal frame to fit her lenses. Then Katie used their newly opened set of tools to secure the lenses and fit the frame to Verna’s liking. A perfect ending to a historical day at OLSHF! A week later Verna returned to our office to donate eight pairs of glasses! Thank you Verna!

Eyeglass & Hearing Aids

Volunteers of the Lions Clubs of Oregon and Northern California work diligently to raise funds to assist qualified adults with obtaining vision exams and new eyeglasses. Many also provide assistance with hearing exams and hearing aids for those in need.

The system and the process of applying for help is volunteer driven. Thousands of people contact the Lions for help every year. Assistance depends on eligibility and available funding. Please be patient and courteous.

How to Access These Programs

These programs are made available primarily to those individuals who do not have insurance covering vision and hearing and whose income falls at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines.

To apply for this program, please click the blue Help button in the lower right corner of our webpages. Select the general, eyeglass, or hearing aid request form and type your information into the fields. You can attach up to five documents to the form, then submit. You can also contact the Lions in Service line at (971) 270-0203 phone or e-mail the applicant’s contact information and request to lionsclubsreferrals@olshf.org.

Submissions are reviewed several times per week by volunteers. The message will be forwarded to a local Lions Club.

Please include the first and last name, age, a phone number where you can be reached, the city and zip code, as well as what type of assistance you are requesting.

As Lions, each day we accept the challenge to improve lives, build community, and invest in the future. Last year, the Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation provided 200,000 children and adults with free cataract surgeries, vision and hearing testing, prescription eyeglasses, hearing aids, school and community health screenings and much more. Your charitable dollars are multiplied by virtue of greatly discounted and donated services.