Abby Invites You To Join The PRIDE!

As we strive to achieve our “2020 Vision” of one day all Oregon students receiving vision screening to help identify vision health issues, we continue to look for donors from the private sector to help make this possible. Yes, the State of Oregon now reimburses schools for costs associated with working with organizations like OLSHF to provide objective vision screenings, but the new state funding covers only 35% of Oregon students Kindergarten through 8th grade.

One of our goals for securing the funding necessary to address the remaining 65% of Oregon students in these grades is to increase our number of individual donors. OLSHF’s individual donor base is growing each year, one reason for this is the new Prestigious Recurring Individual Donor Program – PRIDE for short.

“We believe in the work of the Foundation and found that the PRIDE monthly recurring gift program works great for us”, says OLSHF Past Chair and Lake Oswego Lion Sharon Rollins.

The beauty of the PRIDE monthly donor program is that small gifts add up over the course of a year. As a PRIDE member myself, I’ve found that my monthly donation level adds up to a pretty significant amount over the course of a year, much more than if I were to write one check per year.

“We wanted to play at least a small part in helping” echoes West Salem Lions Tom and Paula Hilgers.

And sometimes a new PRIDE member comes from where we least expect it. At our Keep the Promise Breakfast in Portland last month, Stacy Buckley shared with us that her young daughter Abby wanted to use a portion of her allowance to support our programs by joining PRIDE:

“Thank you…for helping Abby to see that every contribution counts no matter what a person is able to give. It’s an important lesson! Abby will certainly get a kick out of it if she inspires others to join PRIDE too.”

So what are you waiting for? We invite you to join us – and to join Abby – as our newest member of the PRIDE!

By joining PRIDE, you’ll also receive our beautiful PRIDE pin which symbolizes the commitment to the Foundation’s efforts of keeping the promise made to Helen Keller of addressing preventable blindness and hearing loss.

For info on how to Join PRIDE and to receive your PRIDE pin, please contact Nick Mandarano at or me at – Thank you!

Ready to join PRIDE?

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