Luke Roman

Luke is a straight “A” student. Surprising for a child who was born with conjoined fingers, and his thumbs had no bones. Luke was also born deaf, with only 20% hearing in one ear. Now, with a new hearing aid provided by All American Hearing through OLSHF’s ROAR program, Luke can hear functionally for the fist time in his life.

“I have had so many challenges in life, I sometimes feel I’ll never amount to anything. But thanks to the kindness of the Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation and All American Hearing, everything is different. It’s made a giant impact on my life.”

“Now I can sit anywhere in class an not have to read my teacher’s lips, I can hear cars on the street, I can hear all the sounds a house makes, I can whisper with my friends, I can even hear how loud my mom can be when she wants to get our attention!”

“I know many people think my generation is obnoxious and ungrateful, but that is not true for all of us. I don’t want to grow up and be famous or rich, I want to be a doctor so I can make positive differences in peoples’ lives. By giving me this gift, you have made my goals attainable.”

“Someday, somehow I will find a way to repay you guys. I won’t forget this, even if you do. I will always look back to this day and smile. I thank you, I thank you for making my life a little better.”

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