No one knew if this child could see until…

When asked if there was a particularly memorable screening, MHSP Screening Manager Tim said,

“There is one child that comes to mind. He is in the life skills classes due to his health condition. He is unable to walk, crawl or even to use a wheel chair. He does not speak either. No one know about his vision due to his other priorities. During my screening at the school I volunteered to test all of the special skills children. Some were autistic, some had physical issues. Then I came to the special needs child. The school has a one on one assistant for him. I asked her if he had any issues seeing and she said that she did not know. I went ahead and tested him. It was a bit of challenge based on his lack of ability to stare. But I finally got the picture. I found that he had vision issues. Pretty bad in fact. It made everyone very happy that they now could do more for him in terms of seeing and learning. Only the Spot could have completed this screening. No charts, or other old fashioned equipment was useful. The school was going to research for special glasses for him. Made me feel very special that we could help this child.”

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