Turn Your Tax Refund Into A Sight and Hearing Investment

Tick tock… Tax Day is fast approaching on April 17th.

Have you filed your federal and state returns yet? (Confession: I haven’t!)

If you are expecting a state income tax refund for 2017, we hope you will consider investing it (or a portion) in your Foundation.

Donating your tax refund brings extra needed support to programs like Patient Care, ROAR Hearing Assistance Program, Mobile Health Screening Program, and the Lions Eyeglass Assistance Program.

Ways your refund dollars will further our mission to screen, treat, save, and restore sight and hearing:

*A new pair of eyeglasses for a person in need, edged in our own Optical Finishing Lab! Since 2015, 3,797 Oregonians have received new eyeglasses built by our lab.

*Subsidize the cost of a new surgical process – corneal crosslinking – that stops the progression of corneal thinning and eventual blindness.

*Support the cost of new or refurbished hearing aids for people in need. Typically, a new hearing aid retails for more than $1,000. OLSHF provides a hearing aid for a fee of $150 each.

Directing your refund is easy.

  1. Look for the Charitable Check-off section on your return – 2017 Schedule OR-Donate.
  2. Click on this link to access the form: http://www.oregon.gov/DOR/forms/FormsPubs/schedule-or-donate_101-058_2017.pdf
  3. OLSHF is listed as #21, under charity code #14. If you are filing electronically, select or enter Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation.

Thank you for considering to turn your tax return into a gift for someone in need of sight and hearing assistance!

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