The KEX Kids Fund Program provides vision and hearing care including examinations, eyeglasses and hearing aids to children whose family cannot otherwise afford these critical services and devices. This vital program increases prospects for learning and communication, and contributes to success in school and in life. With your generous support, the KEX Kids Fund serves about 1,000 children each year. Please sign up for our newsletter for notifications on our charitable fundraisers and events.

KEX Kids Fund

About The Program

The KEX Kids Fund is a non-profit organization established to provide students with free comprehensive eye exams, eyeglasses and/or hearing aids. For over 20 years, the Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation has collaborated with the 1190 AM radio station’s KEX Kids Fund by managing support for their vision program.

Help is available to any child under 18 or high school student between the ages of 18 and 21 years old. KEX Kids Fund is not limited by residency requirements and is often the only available resource for these families. Without the KEX Kids Fund, the majority of these students would not receive the care they need. Funded through KEX 1190 AM radio and by an annual pledge drive held each Thanksgiving, the KEX Kids Fund is also made possible by the generous contributions of over 100 participating vision professionals.

Many students’ families lack vision insurance and the money for basic eye care, including providing eyeglasses for their children. For children in need of hearing care, including hearing aids, the costs for these services can be more than the families can afford. KEX 1190 AM radio created the KEX Kids Fund to address the vital needs for vision and hearing care for vulnerable young students.

How to Access This Program

To help your child, contact your school nurse or counselor and ask about KEX Kids. For more information regarding the KEX Kids Fund, please call the OLSHF at 503-413-7399 or e-mail your contact information and request to