Laps for LEAP

On January 13th, Scott Stierle will dedicate himself to walk 100 laps in the 24 Hour Fitness pool in Tualatin to raise money to help people in need receive eyeglasses.

Scott is committed to Laps for LEAP because: “I want to make a difference and help people less fortunate than myself. I’m hoping you’ll help me by sponsoring my efforts in Laps for LEAP.”

OLSHF created the LEAP Optical Finishing Lab with the goal of producing high quality, low-cost eyeglasses for people in need. We offer Lions Clubs a more cost-effective solution for helping people who are unable to afford basic vision health services. By building the LEAP Lab, OLSHF will increase its self-sufficiency long term and decrease dependence on corporate support.

We hope you’ll make a pledge today to support Scott and his Laps for LEAP!