60 Years of Keeping the Promise

In 1925, Lions made a promise to Helen Keller to be Knights of the Blind – and 34 years later the Oregon Lions Sight Foundation was founded to keep that promise alive to people in need here in Oregon.

Here in 2019, OLSHF celebrates 60 years of keeping this promise and we invite you to learn a little more about our organization by watching “OLSHF: 60 Years of Keeping the Promise”:

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Some, but certainly not all, of our organizational highlights include:

  • Partnering with Devers Eye Institute, also founded in 1959, to provide patient care services to those needing critical eye surgery and treatment
  • Founding the Lions Eye Bank of Oregon, now Lions VisionGift, in 1975 and passing legislation to enable enucleation to be conducted by non-medical physicians
  • Adding hearing services to our mission and becoming the Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation in 1978
  • Assisting in having every MD-36 Lions Club contribute to Devers Building Campaign in 1984 – raising $1.4 million – resulting in free occupancy for OLSHF in perpetuity
  • Creating the Mobile Health Screening Program in 1994, bringing health services to underserved Oregonians throughout the State of Oregon
  • Providing a Cochlear Implant for 2-year-old Jeremiah Wolter, one of the youngest Cochlear recipients ever in Oregon
  • Launching our 2020 Vision initiative in 2011, the goal to have every Oregon student screened for vision health issues every year, using objective screening technology
  • Successfully passing HB 2312 in 2011, enabling Oregon nonprofits to dispense used eyeglasses to those in need without fear of a lawsuit
  • Advocating for the passage of HB 3000, requiring an eye exam or vision screening for Oregon children before they turn 7 years old
  • Dedicating and opening the Lions Eyeglass Assistance Program (LEAP) Optical Finishing Lab in 2015, building high quality, low-cost eyeglasses for Oregonians in need
  • Re-branding the Hearing Aid Bank as the ROAR! Program, and providing brand new, digital hearing aids to Oregonians in need
  • Advocating for and passing SB 187 in 2017, providing $1 million in state funding for schools to provide vision screening with objective screening methodology in Oregon
  • Opening Eye Promise Optical LLC in 2017, a retail optical shop that generates revenue to support the charitable LEAP Optical program
  • Advocating for SB 289, which will increase state funding for vision screening in Oregon schools to $2 million.

Certainly, there are more highlights and we’d like to hear from you on what we’ve overlooked. Feel free to contact me at Dougt@olshf.org or give me a call at (503) 413-8385 if you have an OLSHF memory that should be shared in a future edition of the Oregon Lion magazine or here in my blog.

And Happy Anniversary!

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