Please Support SB 289 – Vision Screenings for Oregon Students

Why Some Oregon Students are Failing:

25% of all children have an undiagnosed vision problem, and students who can’t read at grade level are 13 times less likely to graduate from high school.

What would SB 289 Do?

• Allow every Oregon school district to continue to access funds for vision
screening. Public funds are being used to effectively and efficiently screen over 130,000 students.
• Allocate $2 million biennially to reimburse schools for the cost of vision
screenings, and expand programs to double the number of students who receive vision screenings every year.
• Strengthen referral process to increase the number of comprehensive eye
exams in local communities.

Public funding would continue to be used effectively at our cost of $3.20 per student, compared to the average $27 CPT insurance cost.

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