What’s in a name?

As a donor, you make contributions to nonprofits (like OLSHF!) for various reasons – whether for compassion, service, doing good or a tax deduction – the choice is yours. Ultimately you’d like to know that your financial donation makes an impact and is used wisely according to the nonprofit’s mission.

So, how can you ensure that happens?

  1. Impact! Look at the organization’s accomplishments by reading their impact report, website or annual report. Does their impact reflect and embody their mission statement? For example, have you read OLSHF’s new annual report that outlines how our sight and hearing assistance programs serve people in Oregon in partnership with Lions Clubs?
  2. By the Numbers. Another way to learn about the health of a nonprofit is to examine their financial documents. This data can tell you how the nonprofit spends and earns their money, and if they have a sustainability plan. Consult the BBB’s Business Profile or Charity Navigator for an inside look. OLSHF updates its profile online every year as part of our goal to be transparent to our donors. In fact, OLSHF just became an accredited business through BBB!
  3. Ask Questions. When you donate to a nonprofit like OLSHF, you make a strong investment in our mission, our programs and our staff. We do our best to provide donors with information about our results and how funds further the work of Lions. We encourage donors to contact us to learn more and build a relationship with our staff. The more you know about us, the more you’ll be inclined to donate and spread the word about OLSHF!

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