At the tender age of three months, Rashi Da noticed her baby’s eyes were covered in a white haze. Ha Mi was born with congenital cataracts. Several years ago, the Da family escaped Burma and arrived in the United States. Ha Mi’s dense cataracts were finally removed. However, her brain never formed the necessary connections to see during the critical time of early development (deprivational amblyopia) and is nearly blind. Ha Mi was 14 when she was examined by Dr JP Lowery at our Low Vision Clinic.

Ha Mi will now have the resources to catch up academically and shared her excitement to be in a country where she can flourish. “I feel safe now,” she said through the assistance of an interpreter. “I never thought I would have a future, but now with all the help I’m getting and being here [in the U.S.], I know I do. Thank you.”

Low Vision Clinic

About The Program

The Oregon Lions Statewide Low Vision Clinic has been serving children with visual impairment in our state since 1986.

Each year the clinic provides developmental low-vision exams for approximately 150 children resulting in new strategies for growth and learning at home and in school. The clinic lives up to its name by serving children in all reaches of the state from Coos Bay to Ontario and Portland to Ashland. The Lions Low Vision Clinic helps children in your community who need the Lions more than any others.

Dr. J.P. Lowery, a Pediatric Optometrist, has traveled all over Oregon working with disabled students and their families to determine their low vision needs. A teacher or school representative working with regional programs for the visually impaired refers these students. Once he has made a diagnosis, he works with OLSHF to provide the necessary equipment for every child.

The average cost of a low vision aid is $100. Most children can benefit from two devices, a monocular telescope for distance vision and a magnifier for near.

How to Access this Program

Clinics are scheduled and coordinated by Dr. J.P. Lowery and the Regional Programs throughout the state. When a teacher has identified a need for a low vision clinic, they contact Dr. Lowery directly to set up an appointment.

To learn more about the Low Vision Clinic, please call the OLSHF at 503-413-7399 or e-mail your contact information and request to